My Name is Mitch
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Shelagh Lynne Supeene

About 'Mitch'

Published in 2003 by Orca Book Publishers

ISBN 1-55143-255-2

Mitch MacLeod may be the smallest kid in grade six, but he has a great sense of humour and a strong backbone. He can read, sometimes, but never at school when he has to. "You don't know what humiliation is until you have a grade one reading buddy who reads better than you do," he says. But things start to change for Mitch when he stands up to Philip, his arch-enemy, and when his dad, The Creep, moves back to town.

My children were attending Elizabeth Ziegler Public School in Waterloo, Ontario when I wrote My Name is Mitch, so I imagined Mitch attending EZ, too. The window breaking in the book is based on a real event. I was in the school's red tile area when some kids were leaning on the window from the outside. Suddenly the whole huge window shattered with a terrific sound. Amazingly, no one was hurt. The Elizabeth Ziegler schoolyard has a hill where kids toboggan and that appears in the book, too. The idea for My Name is Mitch came when I heard about a girl in grade 3 who had trouble reading. I thought how hard it would be for a child if she still had trouble reading in grade 6. I wondered how a child could handle such a situation. I had already written stories about girls (though they haven't yet been published) so this time I imagined a boy.